FADNE launches a strategic partnership with Arete Group

May 20, 2021

Food and Drink North East, a community interest company based in the North East of England, has locked in a strategic partnership with Arete Group, a China in-market company specialising in trade and consumer consulting and marketing lead by founding director Heidi Dugan, which will help food and drink brands in the North East of England grow and expand their business into new markets in China.

With the never-ending growing economy of China, UK brands are gaining increased exposure from Chinese consumers where products from the country are seen as high quality, safe, and trusted.

By partnering with the Arete Group, who work with multinational brands and companies to successfully launch and grow businesses in China, this strategic alliance offers a more accessible route to UK brands to reach greater heights in the China market.

This partnership will also give the 750+ companies who are part of FADNE’s network special access to Arete Group’s comprehensive mentoring program China Accelerator.

For many companies, the idea of expanding into China can be both exciting and scary at the same time, which can sometimes lead to paralysis and being put off taking the first step. With China Accelerator, these companies can get a full-fledged learning experience to springboard them to a good start, fully prepared and equipped with what they need to launch their businesses in China.

Founder and Director of Arete Group, Heidi Dugan says, “This partnership is something we have been working on for the past year and I am truly excited to now be working with the 750+ member companies under FADNE’s wing to help them expand, thrive and profit in China.”

This sentiment is echoed by FADNE founder Chris Jewitt, ““We look forward to working closely with Heidi and her team on forging an exciting and dynamic partnership in setting China as a market for North East-based UK products, which will in turn open up clear pathways into international trade.”

If you are a North East company who is interested in expanding into China, please register your interest for the China Accelerator course now, and we will be in touch to provide you with further details.

About Arete Group
Founded by Heidi Dugan in 2018 and based on her 25 years of experience and connections in China, Arete Group Limited was created to ensure companies have an in-market guide and strategist so they can enter the China market, and effectively connect with partners, the consumer and grow and profit with confidence.

About Food and Drink North East
Food and Drink North East is a food and drink focused company based in the North East of England that aims to build a vibrant and engaged community that champions positive trade, promotes a sustainable circular economy and acts as a collective and inclusive voice for the region’s food and drink sector.

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