Citylife Business Support webinar with Too Good To Go

Mar 8, 2021

Every year a third of food that is produced is wasted, and for businesses that means revenue is lost. With the gradual reopening of businesses on the horizon, it’s time to think about how you can save money and incorporate sustainability into your plan.

We are partnering with Too Good To Go and Newcastle Gateshead Initiative for a Citylife Business Support webinar on Thursday 18th March at 11am that will introduce you to the Too Good To Go platform and how you can use it to protect both the environment and your profit.

Too Good To Go is the world’s largest B2C app for surplus food. Cafes, restaurants, wholesalers and other food businesses use Too Good To Go to sell their unsold food to new consumers. That way any left-over food feeds bellies, not bins.

What you’ll learn at the webinar:
• What Too Good To Go is and how the app works
• How the platform can help your business
• What Too Good To Go can offer North East food and drink businesses
• How Glenton’s Bakery has found the using the platform

“Sustainability is now central to the food and drink debate and one of FADNE’s four pillars in terms of strategy for the North East region,” says Chris Jewitt, founder and managing director of FADNE. “Within this debate there are some hugely important issues that all food and drink businesses need to actively consider if their business models are to be fit for the future.”

“There is so much waste in our current global food system that change needs to be made urgently. We admire the work of Too Good To Go who actively engage with companies in the food and drink sector in order to minimise their food waste and increase their profits at the same time. By implementing practices like this, we can all do our part in creating a more sustainable industry.”

The Too Good To Go webinar is free to attend, but registration is required prior to the event. Click here to go to the event registration page.