FADNE Consultation and Sector Survey by FADNE CEO and Founder, Chris Jewitt

Jul 10, 2024

Since launching in 2020, Food and Drink North East (FADNE) has achieved remarkable milestones in supporting our region’s food and drink sector.

We have worked to help improve the sector’s resilience, guide businesses through unprecedented challenges, provide targeted business support, and nurture invaluable connections and collaborations to the benefit of our growing community.

Our campaigning and advocacy, both regionally and nationally, have begun to raise the sector’s profile with topics such as food and farming, productivity, innovation, local procurement and public health all high on the agenda and central to our thinking as an organisation.

Additionally, through our training, events and flagship expos, we have brought the industry together and championed an entrepreneurial culture that will inspire the next generation of industry leaders.

However, we accept our work is nowhere near done.

A desire to make our initiative truly regional, and more inclusive, to deliver added value to businesses of all sizes and to have influence at the highest of levels – these are all things that motivate us as a progressive and impact-driven organisation.

Now, with a change in government and the recent election of a new regional Mayor, there has never been a more opportune moment for FADNE to influence regional industrial strategy.

The agri, food, drink, hospitality, and manufacturing clusters must be recognised as key elements of this strategy.

Our sector not only supports thousands of jobs but also drives innovation, sustainability, and a positive food culture.

By advocating for our industry, we can ensure that it remains a cornerstone of the region’s economic development and future prosperity.

To continue this vital work, we need your support.

By engaging with FADNE, you help amplify our collective voice, ensuring that our sector’s interests are prioritised in policy decisions.

Your membership and active participation are essential in driving forward our agenda and securing a thriving future for our community.

Together, we can build on our achievements and forge a path towards a more resilient and thriving food and drink sector here in the North East.

To do this, we need to better understand your needs, your challenges and your aspirations as a business.

Join us in shaping the future.

All we ask is that you please complete this 5-minute anonymous survey which will provide us with the intelligence we need to make our case to the region’s MPs and decision-makers.

Your support makes all the difference.

Chris Jewitt – CEO, Food and Drink North East