Register of Experts

What Is It? The Register of Experts (RoE) is a thriving network built by FADNE that brings the best quality skills and experience across a range of business disciplines directly to food, drink and hospitality suppliers in the region, to help deliver tailored, specialist support and advice exactly when they need it most.

How Does It Work? Business service suppliers, considered specialists in their field, can apply to be part of the RoE, following which the FADNE team will review the expression of interest and confirm if you have been accepted into the network. We will only be accepting a limited number of service providers per category to ensure we offer members choice, whilst also maintaining the highest quality of service. Once you’ve been accepted you will be added to the RoE which is available to our community of over 700 food and drink producers..

What Will I Get From It? Essentially the RoE is a directory of approved business providers from which our community can be confident they’re selecting the best quality professional services to help their business grow. Whilst we cannot guarantee you business, we will be showcasing our experts in our regular communications with members, as well as holding events where you will be able to meet the community.

Working proactively with us and offering insights such as ‘Light Bite Digital Masterclasses’ or other training delivered either digitally or physically, will also help our community understand your offer. FADNE often also acts as a sign-post for members to funding streams which they may be able to secure towards the cost of your fees and we’re regularly speaking to members about the help they need and making referrals.

How Much Does It Cost?  There is a monthly fee of £49.99 for all companies added to the Register of Experts.

How Do I Get Involved? Click here to complete an application form to tell us more about your services.