Standing up for British Standards campaign for the WWF

Nov 5, 2020

In late August 2020, GRUB Productions was asked to work on a Standing up for British Standards campaign for the WWF to promote British food standards through the voice of local people involved in supplying, producing and working within the food industry.

This was a very timely campaign surrounding the Agriculture Bill 2019-2021. The bill, designed to prepare the farming industry for when the UK no longer has to follow EU laws and rules next year, has been met with a lot of opposition by those in the farming and food and drink industries.

Britain has some of the highest food and farming standards in the world. But there are concerns that unless we act now, trade deals with countries like the US could undercut our own farmers and put low quality food on our shelves as a result of Brexit.

It is so important to tell stories of the farming and food and drink industries as their standards and provenance cannot be compromised. The slogan for the WWF Campaign is ‘British standards are under threat. Local people are standing up to save them.’

The campaign saw FADNE operate outside of the North East and visit farms, factories and shops across the UK to record the stories of the people who would be directly impacted by the Agriculture Bill.

“We continue to fight hard in our native North East to support, promote and protect our food, drink and farming sectors which boast some of the highest quality standards in the world but also are home to some iconic, household brands that underpin our food heritage and culture,” says Managing Director of FADNE Chris Jewitt.

“This, of course, is not unique to the North East with farmers, producers and food entrepreneurs across the country with incredible stories. It’s vital for the future of our sector that these stores are told, respected and preserved.”

Click here to view the campaign, and share it across social media using the hashtags #SaveOurStandards #BackBritishFarming #AgricultureBill

We are passionate about protecting the stories of our communities, our heritage and our history and to capture them in an emotive, impactful way that can raise awareness of key issues that affect our sector.

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