Pink Lane Bakery joins Food and Drink North East as a Partner

Jun 17, 2024

Pink Lane Bakery, the iconic Newcastle-based artisan bakery, has officially joined Food and Drink North East (FADNE) as a partner, solidifying a relationship that has been in place since FADNE launched in 2020.

Neil le Flohic, co-owner of Pink Lane Bakery, expressed his excitement about the new partnership. “We’re so pleased to take our relationship with FADNE to the next level by becoming a partner. Over the years, we have benefitted in so many ways through our relationship with Food and Drink North East – from informal advice and exchange of ideas to social media marketing, website redesign, product photography, and sessions with experts in HR, finance, and branding. On top of all of that, we’ve been given so many opportunities for informal networking with potential customers and suppliers and eaten so much great food along the way!”

He continued, “We are a much bigger business than we were a few years ago, and FADNE has been there with us at every step on that journey. Now, as we look to the future and consider the next steps in taking our business forward in an exciting, ethical and sustainable way, we see FADNE as a key part of that process. An even closer relationship will give us more access to the wealth of creativity, ideas and expertise that the organisation has been so generous with over the years.”

Chris Jewitt, CEO of FADNE, welcomed the partnership enthusiastically. “We are thrilled to have Pink Lane Bakery as a partner. Their commitment to quality, sustainability, and community aligns perfectly with our mission at FADNE. Neil, Martha and their team have been a vital part of our network, and this partnership will only strengthen our collective efforts to support and promote the incredible food and drink sector in North East England. We are so grateful for Pink Lane’s Bakery support since the very start of FADNE, and recognise that this partnership celebrates our past as well as our future.”

Founded to champion the region’s food and drink industry, FADNE aims to build the North East’s reputation as a flourishing food and drink destination with local heritage, sustainability, innovation and community at its heart, by being a network that connects, enables and encourages collaboration across the region. 

As Pink Lane Bakery continues to expand its footprint, this new partnership underscores a shared vision for a vibrant, sustainable, and entrepreneurial food and drink sector in the North East.

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