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Nov 1, 2020

We have some incredible food and drink stories across the North East, and a fantastic history of food heritage, identity, culture, innovation. To celebrate these stories, we launched GRUB Productions in June 2020, a specialist creative content division from Food and Drink North East (FADNE).

GRUB Productions helps food, drink and hospitality brands tell their stories to their audiences in a creative and compelling way by producing well-planned, high-quality video content that connects with their target audiences on a truly emotional level.

Heading up GRUB Productions is FADNE director and videographer Dan Prince who says, “In today’s multi-screen world, video is the most impactful content there is. Our goals are to help brands raise awareness, build engagement and drive sales.”

Food and Drink North East collaborated with GRUB Productions to produce the Coming Home campaign. This collaboration was born out of an idea to reignite and help promote the food, drink, hospitality and tourism industry for the North East of England who have been hit hard with the impact of Covid-19. This four-part series of films aims to support the local economy and show what a thriving food heritage and community exists in the North East region. You can watch all the videos here.

Since its launch, GRUB Productions has also produced a Standing up for British Standards campaign for the WWF to promote British food standards through the voice of local people involved in supplying, producing and working within the food industry, as well as short documentaries where local North East business owners and community workers explain how they are managing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, and product showcases with North East producers who tell the stories of their artisan products.

We are passionate about protecting the stories of our communities, our heritage and our history and to capture them in an emotive, impactful way that can raise awareness of key issues that affect our sector.

To learn more about how GRUB Productions can help you better connect to your audience, drop us a line at

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